NCServes joins forces with NCCARE360, bringing coordinated care and resources to North Carolina’s military community. Read the press release here



NCCARE360 Network Overview

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NCCARE360 is transforming care delivery in North Carolina. We recently spoke with a few key stakeholders about the network landscape, launch, and implementation progress. Watch our network video below to learn how partners across our state are working together to better connect health and human services providers and improve health for all North Carolinians.

“I see this as one of the most innovative and exciting things we’re doing in the state. I see it as a critical shared infrastructure for the state as we’re thinking about health transformation and we’re thinking about not just buying healthcare but buying health.” – Dr. Betsey Tilson, State Director and Chief Medical Officer, North Carolina Department of Health & Human Services

“We believe that health is owned and shaped by communities, and each community is uniquely different. NCCARE360 is designed to leverage the reality of people helping people and neighbors helping neighbors to improve health. NCCARE360 will also raise awareness to where resource gaps exist and hopefully help us all to fill those gaps. Health disparities will be narrowed, and we will be another step closer to achieving health equity.” – Anne Thomas, President and CEO, Foundation for Health Leadership & Innovation

Trailblazing in North Carolina: A 6 Month Reflection

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My name is Jimmy Fisher and I am the State Director, NCCARE360/Unite Us. Together, our team has been working hand in hand with communities across the state to help empower their efforts to provide individuals with more opportunities to achieve a greater level of health.  We believe in NCCARE360 and know it will truly transform North Carolina!

When our team began working in Guilford, Alamance, and Rockingham in January 2019, we couldn’t have predicted how truly amazing these communities are. Fast forward six months and they have helped us build a well-established coordinated network with strong partnerships across various sectors, truly weaving together services.

It takes an immense amount of fortitude and bravery to be trailblazers, and the people of Guilford, Alamance, and Rockingham counties have led the way for the state of North Carolina as the first regions to launch with NCCARE360.

When you are surrounded by people that lean on each other and keep an individual at the center of care, amazing things can happen. Through NCCARE360, we have seen individuals facing difficult situations receive support within hours. We were able to successfully integrate NCCARE360 into Cone Health’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) system, EPIC. The integration provides Cone Health clinical staff with a seamless way to make referrals and receive closed loop information directly to and from their EHR. The NCCARE360 network in these three counties has grown with new partners joining each week, and we are excited to see expansion in the coming years.

In June, we hosted our launch party for Guilford, Alamance and Rockingham counties and it was a great celebration! In those counties, the network has grown from 60 organizations to over 120 in very little time. Statewide, we have now onboarded over 300 organizations, connecting more individuals to resources they need to live healthier. Our team is so excited about the organic connections at the local level, as well as weaving together historically siloed sectors.

Continuing this momentum will take all of us committing to the work. If you have not yet joined NCCARE360, we need you and are here to support your organization throughout the process. For more information, visit Thank you!


Health Happens Locally – Welcome To NCCARE360 By Anne Thomas

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Together, we are changing the trajectory of health for all North Carolinians.

There is growing recognition that better coordination and investment in the non-medical drivers of health, like access to healthy food, safe and affordable housing and well-paying jobs, can improve health and decrease health care costs. Through NCCARE360’s groundbreaking, statewide coordinated network, health care and human services organizations are now united through a shared technology platform. NCCARE360 is a coordinated, community-oriented, person-centered approach for delivering care in North Carolina, and sets an example for the entire nation. In fact, this transformation is already underway in our state and rapidly expanding to support every person in North Carolina.

We have launched in 12 counties, with 9 counties in the implementation process. Over 1000 organizations have engaged in the socialization process and we look forward to working closely together.

NCCARE360 provides the infrastructure to connect all North Carolinians to community resources and has the potential to touch the lives and improve the health of all North Carolinians, including the commercially insured, Medicare, Medicaid, uninsured, military and veteran populations. NCCARE360 helps build a system of health that is focused on the person and helps them access the services and resources they need to be healthy. Together we’ve invested in both existing and new infrastructure to enable different types of organizations to connect people to health and social services in a way that makes the system more efficient. This provides visibility and accountability to help bridge the gap between health and social care.

Health happens locally, and NCCARE360 supports that important vision.

For more than 35 years, the Foundation for Health Leadership & Innovation has been developing programs and partnerships to improve health, and we are focused on addressing the needs of the whole-person through a whole community approach. We believe systems of care belong to and are shaped by the communities they serve. NCCARE360 will showcase the power of collaboration in our state as we work to ensure every partner delivering services in North Carolina is connected, knitting together our health care system and communities. Your support is instrumental in this process and we look forward to working together now and in the future!

Anne Thomas
President/CEO, Foundation for Health Leadership & Innovation