Funding Opportunities

NCCARE360 is proud to play a role in bridging the gaps between health care and social needs in our state. As North Carolina’s first statewide coordinated care network that connects individuals to local services and resources through a referral network of community organizations, health systems, insurers, etc., we aim to support all North Carolinians and ensure they are connected to the resources they need to be healthy and well. We often work with community-based organizations to test and try new ideas for how we can ensure NCCARE360 is sustainable and can meet the ongoing needs of our friends and neighbors.

With this goal in mind, NCCARE360 participates in partnerships with federal, state, and local entities that allow us to help strengthen the NCCARE360 network of community-based organizations that respond to social needs and provide community services. Through those partnerships, we periodically have funding opportunities available to distribute to to community-based organizations. Click below to view current funding opportunities that are available, as well as past opportunities and awardees.

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